If you've decided to have your wedding ceremony at a church, you'll be faced with two options. Either you decorate minimally by you or your family, or work with your wedding planner to add complementary d├ęcor to the space. If you decide the latter, discuss the rules regarding decorations with church administrators first. Next, start thinking about how you can incorporate your personal styling in the house of worship.

Consider decorating the outside of the church with garlands of flowers, add wreaths to doors, or display large urns filled with blooms at the entrance. Once inside the sanctuary, greet guests with a floral arch or place lush arrangements on either side of the aisle. A fabric aisle runner is one of the easiest ways to customize the space. Adorn pews with floral bouquets tied with ribbon or line the aisle with flickering candlelight, and embellish the altar with striking florals.