My name is Olga!I love flowers, especially roses and of course pink color. I've studied teaching and taught at the Pedagogical Academy of Gjirokastra for seven years.

I am not sure if my talent to create is innate but since i can remember myself, i liked hats, bags and my eyes stare in front of beautiful decorated windows. I was observing every detail especially how the colors in the fabrics and designs were mixed. Inside of me a new world was about to be discovered...

Let's start from the beginning...
Everything started with .... Kalimera! Our family patisserie "Kalimera" one of the largest in the south of Albania, was the trigger of my creative imagination. The feeling i got from many customers when i was making bonbons or when i was decorating baskets with drinks for was touching. Μy customers appreciated it tremendously and this made to looki for better ideas and to create things for Albania and elsewhere. In fact, my love for creation was so great that I gave up my work as an teacher and dedicated myself completely in this area.
In the beggining i was not sure about what will happen, but season after season i had such an inspiration for new things that the small space of Kalimera was no enough an i decided that i wanted one of my own, bigger and more comfortable. Brides would found there a paradise for the most beautiful day of their lives.
So in 2009 I started in my own place with wonderful bridal creations to choose . This was my space to create, to present, to take care and to organize every detail for the marriage of bride.

However, something was missing for complete wedding package. Our store is located in Gjirokastra and had to find a solution so the future bride from everywhere in Albania.
In 2011 i started whit the the idea of handmade wedding invitations, unique of its kind not only for Albania but beyond the borders also.My brides loved them from the first time beacuse they were special and unique designs and with my own touch the result was dreamy.
Along with the invitations, wedding favors was added. More brides was interested because of quality, experience, passion, consistency combined with the beautiful designs, unique fabrics and handmade creations. Brides and couples came to me from every area of Albania and together we planned every detail of their wedding. If fact, our unique handmade designs and creations are in the biggest wedding shops in Albania.

This is how Wedding Planning Kalimera & hand made by Olga was born...

But i did not here. Hand made by Olga is now recognized as a brand name from our brides. The let us take care of every detail of the wedding because they trust our love for work, our dedication and talent for creating. They also have trust in the experienced staff of Wedding Planning Kalimera.
It is very beautifull to trust you for your creations. There are always some moments in our lifeand more all to trust you!

We want our lives to have some unique moments!


With love,