You 've said the big YES! You are trying to choose the perfect date for your wedding, dreaming the ceremony, the perfect wedding dress, finding unique wedding invitations and the most gorgeous wedding favors... You are dreaming you as a bride.

Keep dreaming and let us help you with every detail so your fairy tale comes to life

Wedding is the next step of your love. Vows before god is the begining of a new life an we can take care of it, so it can be the best you deserve.

Wedding Planning Kalimera takes care of everything. Impressive dresses, unique handmade invitations and favors, church decorations and the wedding reception decoration.

Everythink is prepared with care and imagination, because we all need some moments in our live to be unique. And this is your most unique moment.

YES! It is your wedding

Live your your fairy tale. It's your day. It's your moment!

Wishing you all the best for your big day and the future beyond